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Monthly contact lenses

Generally the most popular type of contact lenses, monthly contact lenses provide huge comfort, great value and clear vision.


Monthly contact lenses are designed to be worn for up to 30 days and removed, cleaned each night. However, some monthly contact lenses can be worn for up to seven days without taking them out of your eyes.


In addition to letting more oxygen through to keep your eyes clear and white, the silicone hydrogel material in monthly contact lenses can also be more comfortable. Your eyes can breathe better while still staying moist, a balance that is achieved with better contact lens technology.


With our online ordering and safe home delivery service, Lens Wear is the best place to buy monthly contact lenses!

Avaira is a monthly contact lens manufactured by Cooper Vision that is naturally wettable and provide long lasting comfort and clarity.

FRESHLOOK® Colors are monthly coloured contact lenses available in six striking shades that promise to completely alter your eye colour for an intense and striking look.

FRESHLOOK® ColorBlends are the first ‘3 in 1’ monthly contact lenses that blend three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change.

FRESHLOOK® Dimension are monthly coloured contact lenses intended for lighter eyes. A charcoal outer starburst pattern makes eyes look bigger and brighter adding depth and dimension with three natural-looking transparent hues.

Biofinity monthly silicone hydrogel contact lenses with Aquaform® technology offer you the premium level of comfort that you deserve.
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